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  1. Recently, I noticed there was a trend starting with Microparks and decided to give my take on a micropark a shot; This is Roman Holiday, a 25 x 25 park themed to Rome. It has 5 rides and several stalls all tightly interwoven between buildings and water elements. My goal for the park was to create something tightly wrapped together while still aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Although there's several things I feel I could have done differently, overall I'm extraordinarily content with how the park turned out. Its simple layout is quite effective i
  2. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the landscaping work you did around all the coasters, they're such small details that really help them pop out. I also love what you did with Splash River Falls; it's really pleasing to the eye with that tight turn at the top imo.
  3. That looks really neat! I like the way it interacts with the rockwork and the building, it makes it look quite cozy in a way! Right now I'm working on transforming Dynamite Dunes into a modern resort type of park; i like taking scenarios after I beat them and try and make somewhat realistic parks out of them; this coaster in particular called Dust Devil and is based on Desperado.
  4. Hiya! My name's Fletcher and um. I'm not good at these whole introduction things but let me just say I absolutely admire the efforts going into OpenRCT2. The rct series as a whole has been like, a huge inspiration to me from a creativity standpoint; although I grew up on RCT3 I personally have been enjoying playing RCT2 a lot more due to it's simplistic nature giving it a sense of charm that also runs beautifully on my computer. My personal favorite thing to do is to push the limits in RCT2 and try and make these beautiful, fun, yet as realistic as I can manage in the engine, parks. I dis
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