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IRL English Ride Names

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I got bored and decided to edit the en-GB (English (UK)) file to instead list the rides using their actual name. Currently this supports EVERY coaster type except wooden coasters, Steeplechase, Bobsleigh, Classic Mini, and Mini Suspended as well as supports Pirate/Swinging Ship and Space Rings.



It should be noted that due to the way they're listed in the Build New Ride/Attraction menu the Chance Rides Sea Dragon and Contactos Aerotrim will still display as Swinging Ship (UK)/Pirate Ship (US) and Space Rings respectively.
Just replace the file located in Documents/OpenRCT2/bin/data/language. Note: Some rides will not appear in English(US) due to being renamed in the US version (Bobsleigh is renamed to Bobsled)

Update 8/16/2018 5:20PM: Changed many ride names according to X7123M3-256's list, Made the Premier Rides LIM and Liquid Coasters consistent (Premier Rides LIM VS. Premier Liquid Coaster)
Update 8/17/2018 11:25AM: Corrected Mack Spinning Wild Mouse to Reverchon, Zierer Junior Coaster to Zierer Force Coaster

Update 8/31/2018 7:19PM: Corrected a few more mistakes. (Image not updated due to minor changes), Also removed the mention of having to use English(UK) as the language file as this still works with English(US)

Update 9/1/2018 1:39PM: Added HUSS Ranger (Swinging Inverter), WDI Flying Saucers, and Intamin/Mack Bobsleigh. Previous patch note included Zierer Force Coaster being further corrected to Zierer Tivoli and Gravitron Helter Skelter.

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This is a good idea, but you've only changed a few of the ride names, and some of the manufacturers given aren't correct. Here are the ones that were missed:


  • The "Corkscrew Coaster" is the Arrow Looping Coaster.
  • The "Multi Dimension Coaster" is the Arrow 4th dimension coaster.
  • The "Inverted Hairpin Coaster" is a Reverchon Gliding Coaster. It isn't an Arrow (I once thought it was - Arrow produced a ride concept that looked superficially similar).
  • The "Suspended Swinging Coaster" is the Arrow/Vekoma Suspended Coaster.
  • The "Hyper-Twister Coaster" is the B&M/Giovanola Mega coaster.
  • The "Twister Coaster" is the B&M Sitting/Stand-Up/Floorless coaster.
  • The "Vertical Drop Coaster" is the B&M Dive Coaster (AKA Dive Machine).
  • The "Inverted Impulse Coaster" is the Intamin Impulse coaster.
  • The "Mine Ride" is a Mack Powered Coaster.
  • The "Mini Coaster" is a Schwarzkopf Wildcat. It isn't a Mack.
  • The "Air Powered Vertical Coaster" is the S&S Thrust Air 2000.
  • The "Spiral Coaster" is the Schwarzkopf Speedracer (or the Schwarzkopf Jet Star - they have the exact same train and track system but the latter is transportable).
  • The "Compact Inverted Coaster" is the Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster.
  • The "Lay-down Coaster" is the Vekoma Flying Dutchman.

Some of the track types are used with several different train types, sometimes from different manufacturers. Unfortunately, since you're renaming the ride types and not the trains there's no way to show the correct name for all available train types (you could go through the JSON objects and rename those as well, but the "ride type" field would still show the wrong thing).

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Most of these came from the Wikia so I wasn't too sure; Thanks for this I'll get to updating it.

A lot of the ones I haven't done I simply don't know. Any feedback on those is appreciated.


Also on the topic of the Hairpin, the source I found claimed that Reverchon is known for taking other's designs with their gliding coaster being taken from the Arrow prototype which is why I used Arrow, but I guess I'll change to the one that was made.

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16 hours ago, imlegos said:

the source I found claimed that Reverchon is known for taking other's designs with their gliding coaster being taken from the Arrow prototype

I've never heard that; are you thinking of Golden Horse? They have a near identical model.

Arrow's design looked somewhat similar, but note that the train is two rows of three people instead of one row of four, and the concept art shows a layout that's not at all like a typical wild mouse. Also, this ride was never built, and all the other rides in the game are rides which actually existed.

Also, I forgot to mention that the Spinning Wild Mouse is another Reverchon design, not Mack as you had it. Mack do make spinning coasters, but their design is quite different.

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18 hours ago, imlegos said:

and personal recollection of the Junior Coaster's actual name.

I'm pretty sure it's a Zierer Tivoli rather than a Force. Note the leaf on the front of the train- which is also present on the games sprites (if you look closely). Also see the diagonal cross braces on the track, which are not present on the Force models. The Tivoli is no longer in production, but they would have been more common at the time of the game's release.

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