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How do I move Open RCT2?

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I want to move Open RCT2 from my Documents folder on the C: drive (Which is nearly full) over to the D: drive (With >600GB free space). However, after moving the files, the launcher just reinstalled the game to where the previous install was located. Is there any way to tell the launcher to use the D: drive version?

Update: After finding this post, I made a symbolic link from the folder the launcher wanted to install OpenRCT2 to where I had moved it, but when I try to open the launcher, it goes into a state of "not responding" after the green loading bar next to the play button reaches 100%. Anyone know why this is happening? I'll try and leave it to see if it was just lag, but when I used it before it didn't take this long to load.

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There is a parameter: --user-data-path
However, this only works if you have a shortcut that points to the actual EXE of OpenRCT2. Modifying the Launcher shortcut will not have an effect.

If you just want to use the Launcher, the symbolic link is probably a better idea.

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Assuming your C drive is an SSD and D a HDD, moving OpenRCT2 to your D drive will indeed make loading the game much slower. Programs on a HDD take longer to load in general, and the drive probably has to start up because of OpenRCT2, causing an additional delay. If you play OpenRCT2 frequently, you may want to consider moving less frequently used files (such as photos and movies) to your D drive.

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The problem with that is that my C: drive is so small, I've already moved pretty much everything I can over to the D drive. It's almost exclusively system files left on there. I guess I can sacrifice some loading time if it means I can actually use my computer, but I am starting to have other issues with the game crashing. It happened once when trying to load the scenario editor, and once when trying to exit to the main menu. I don't know what's causing it, but I'm assuming it's something to do with either the move to the D drive, my C drive filling up again (mainly internet temp files) or the fairly large amount of custom scenery objects I recently downloaded (which is the main reason I decided to move to the D drive).

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