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Guide: How to set your ride stats manually

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EDIT: It looks like the ride stats are recalculated every once in a while, making your manually set stats disappear. There are ways to stop stats in your park from recalculating, check the bottom of this guide for a way to do this. 

Are you not happy with the stats of your ride? In OpenRCT2, there is a way to manually set the intensity, excitement and nausea ratings of your ride! 

Here's some hypothetical situations in which this may be useful:

1. You just created a cool ride of which you wanted to make the track invisible, so with the "allow arbitrary ride types" cheat, you set it to 'crooked house'. Result: Your ride is invisible! Side effect: Your ride gets the stats of a crooked house. People will look for something more thrilling...

2. You made a nice recreation of The Smiler in your park, with its 14 inversions. You test the coaster, only to find out it became ultra-extreme because that's what the game does when you keep adding inversions.  Now no-one will ride it!

3. You used so many cheats and hacks on your ride that the game gets confused and doesn't calculate the ratings for your ride anymore.

How to change the stats

First, you need to enable debugging tools. To do this, click the Floppy disk icon on the top bar, and select Options. Then go to the wrench tab, and make sure the box Enable debugging tools has a checkmark in it.


When you have done this, you should see an icon with 2 gears on the top bar. When you click it, you will see an option 'Show Console'.


You will now see a big blue rectangle in the top half of your screen. In this console, type rides list and press enter. You will now see a list of all the rides in your park. If it doesn't work, first type clear and then press enter. Then try again. 


Now, for this example, let's assume I want to change the intensity of an attraction called Jet Plane tours. It has low intensity, so only few people will ride it. I typed rides list in the console, and found the attraction in the list. The number after the word ride: is the ID of the ride. This number will be important in the next step. In our example, the ride ID is 66.


Now, to change the intensity of a ride, you have to use the following console command:
rides set intensity <ID> <value> 

In our example, if we want to change the intensity to 5.00 we would have to type the following:
rides set intensity 66 500

Note that I left out the dot in 5.00 and just typed 500.  This has to do with how the variable is stored in the program. So for an intensity of 80.00, you would have to type 8000.


And that is it! Your ride will now have the intensity you set in the console.

To set the Excitement and Nausea values, you simply use the following commands:
rides set excitement <ID> <value>
rides set nausea <ID> <value>

Again, you leave out the dot in the value you want to set.

Another way to get the ride ID of your ride

@LordMarcel96 pointed out to me that there is another, probably even easier way to find the ride ID of your ride. To do this, enable debugging tools like you did with the console. Then on the tab with the 2 gears, select Show Tile Inspector.


With the tile inspector screen open, select a tile in the park which contains a part of the track of which you want to change the stats. Now when you select the piece of track in the list of Element types that appear, you will find more information about the ride, including the Ride ID.


Remarks / bugs

- When the rides list is too long, you may not be able to see all rides in the list. This is something that is being worked on. Expect a fix soon!

- If the console is full of text, and you cannot see what is going on anymore, simply type clear and press enter. This will clear the console.

-Building this ride in your park and putting it in test mode will freeze all stat calculations, making your stat changes permanent. As long as stat are frozen however, stats for new rides you build in the park will also not be calculated. 


Guide written for OpenRCT2 version 0.1.2

Edited by Deurklink
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1 hour ago, saxman1089 said:

Something worth noting about using Crooked House mode to make rides invisible: If you change to Enterprise instead, the tracks still become invisible, but the ratings are much much better.


30 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

But enterprices break down and crooked houses do not.

Indeed, I once made a ride which consisted of a track which had a chainlift over its full length, which was set to around 60 km/h. When I set it to enterprise it broke down every few minutes which was really annoying.

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24 minutes ago, TCE said:

What's the difference between using the Crooked House and the Haunted House?

I use Haunted House for my invisible tracks, but is there any difference?

Thanks for the guide @Deurklink

Much appreciated!

A crooked house never breaks down, that's the main difference. And there's a small difference in stats.

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On 1/18/2018 at 21:16, Deurklink said:

-Building this ride in your park and putting it in test mode will freeze all stat calculations, making your stat changes permanent. As long as stat are frozen however, stats for new rides you build in the park will also not be calculated. 

This was really helpful. If you let the normal rides calculate their stats, and then test run a never ending custom ride (using zero clearance), all stat calculations will cease - allowing you to freeze manually set ratings.


I was able to get people to pay $20 for a ride with 200 excitement rating. Interestingly, a Carousel ride with like 50 or 100 excitement rating maxed at $1.20 per ticket.


Thanks OP!

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  • 5 months later...

Are you adding the continuously looping ride mentioned in the original post? It must never return to the station, or else the stats will be calculated for that ride and for all other rides. Make the continuously looping ride and test it first, then use the console to change the ratings of your coaster.

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  • 4 weeks later...

How do you build that circular track?  I've been trying but I can't connect the last piece because it says the other track is in the way.  I've tried several different coaster, and even the railroad, but none of them will let me connect the last piece.

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