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Space Base (On an unnamed planet)


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After last small update, today i have a big update!

A whole lot of buildings, attractions, and an extra monorail got added!


First off, the extra monorail. It is a suspended monorail situated just above the existing monorail.  They move in opposite directions, and for some parts of the track they are situated right above each other.  I like how these monorails make the city look more crowded and futuristic.



I recolored the central building. Now each side matches the color of the respective quarter. Not sure what i'm going to do with the black edges.


I created some buildings in the blue quarter with gentle rides. One contains space rings, and the other contains a hall of mirrors (from Time Twister).



I found a good use for the biggest crater. I allow the guests to explore it in a Submarine! If this is your first time visiting the planet, this is a must ride! Don't ride it. It's a total cash grab. There's absolutely nothing to see here.


And finally, i added a big amount of buildings to the blue quarter, which are connected to one another by covered bridges. The uncovered paths you see is an area where buildings still have to be made.


And when we look inside, we find two dueling launched looping coasters, called Positron Annihilator and Electron Annihilator. These rides are very popular with the guests!


I will probably raise those paths through the loops by one or two units to make it look like it has some more clearance.

Allright, that was it for now!
Here's the save, for the people who are interested:

Space Base 09.sv6

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Another update!

I built a few more buildings, mostly  to fill gaps.


In one of the new buildings I put a swinging ship, and in the one next to it I put a simulator. I also put a small food court next to the pirate ship because i could find no other suitable space for it.


On the other side of the water, in the orange area, i finally filled the area above the vertical air powered coaster.


I built Gravity Pull there, a small but surprisingly fast mine ride, which completes 2 laps.



9 hours ago, giraty said:

I love it! Now where's the DESTROY ALL HUMANITY ride :ph34r:?

I saw a gap in the green area, so I built a ride there especially for you :P


It's called PRESERVE ALL HUMANITY <3 and is very intense :D I hope you like it.


Here's the save, for the people who are interested:

Space Base 10.sv6

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Alright, time for another update!


I started to work on the red quarter of the park. It will be an area with lots of high-rise buildings, and i tried to give it a bit of a patchy look. Also, i experimented a bit with using dinghy slide track pieces as pipes to connect the buildings. I really like how it's turning out so far, so I might copy these pipes to other areas of the park.


First off, I did some work in the green area. I really liked the rockets flying above the park, so i decided to build another attraction like it. This one uses jet planes instead of rockets. The jets flying above the park look really cool. The building looks a bit empty but meh I don't care :D


Now, for the red area. First off, I built two roller coasters. One of them is called Andromeda, and is a launched twister roller coaster that travels forwards and backwards through 2 giant loops, and has two big vertical spikes at the ends of its tracks. The other coaster is called Sputnik, and is a mini suspended roller coaster which travels around Andromeda and interacts a lot with the pipes and paths around the buildings.


Inside view:


And finally, I built an inverted impulse roller coaster called Impulsivator (Until i can come up with a better name:D) It is fully enclosed in a nicely shaped building. First, it is launched up and over a hill, after which it travels up a vertical twisting spike. After that, it travels backwards again over the hill, through the station and back up another vertical twisting spike. The suspended monorail travels under the building at some point. I think this one worked out really well!


Inside view:


Detail view from the other side:


That's it for now, another update will follow soon!

Here's the save, for people who are interested:

Space Base 11.sv6


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Another update!


The park is nearing completion, just a few more areas to fill! While looking at the overview, i realised i don't really like the center building anymore. In the next update it will probably get a big overhaul.. It needs something big, something extravagant. Maybe a huge tiered tower :D


Anyway, on to the stuff that I built in this update. In an effort to give the green quarter more of an own identity, i decided to build some long pipes between the buildings. I think it worked out quite well, and gives it a more distinct look from the other parts of the base.


While going through the rides to built i saw a Hoverbike ride from Time Twister that i really liked. I decided to let them fly around the base as well, so now we have rockets, jet planes and hoverbikes buzzing around :D Unlike the jets and the rockets, the hoverbikes fly quite low and often disappear between the buildings.


Here you can see one flying underneath an arch in the red quarter of the base:


After that, i decided to build another roller coaster in the red area:


It's an inverted vertical shuttle. I think this is the only roller coaster in my park to use an existing design. :)


Next off, i built another building next to it with a second observation tower. I also built a food court next to it.


And finally, I built my bread-and-butter triple launch floorless coaster that you may know from the group park :D I had enough space, and I like the design a lot so I just decided to build it.


Inside view:


At the final inversion, I made it briefly peek outside. My favourite part of the coaster :)


That's it for today, here's the save for the people who want to take a closer look (I really like the hoverbikes:))

Space Base 12.sv6

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You might want to consider adding more colour to some areas. Especially the green part looks very... well, green, with green water, green buildings and green pipes.

Now green and blue have something special in the architecture, I'm waiting for the other two to get something :D

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Another update! This time, i decided to competely overhaul the center building! I may have overdone it a little.. :D I am proud of the result, though!


Here it is.. A huge tower building, to replace the center plaza! I have given each side of the building the color of the corresponding area.


Here you can see the other side:


I have mostly kept the foothpaths and the shops on the lower area the same:


Except now there is a huge vertical drop roller coaster above it! (Note that the huge vertical piece is actually the lift hill)


First, the riders climb vertically all the way to the top of the building.  During the climb, they can look outside through the black roof windows. Then, when they arrive on top, they will be briefly held in the first set of holding brakes...


... after which they fall down vertically to the third level of the building, where the cars will follow some twisty track. Finally they hit another set of brakes...


... And they move down vertically to the second level! Here is another piece of twisting track for the cars to follow, which ends with the final set of holding brakes...


... After which the guests drop down vertically to the ground floor, where they will follow a lap around the plaza, until finally returning to the station again!


I made sure to keep the trains from going too fast, and to keep the G-forces in check. Normally I don't really care about stats in my parks, but this one is actually quite good. :D 


Building this tower was quite a lot of work, because i also had to reroute all the invisible coasters that used to fly over the plaza in its previous form, but I am very happy with how it turned out and i think it looks cool, especially with the roller coaster that is inside.

Here's the save: Space Base 13.sv6

I recommend you to take a look! :)


4 hours ago, jensj12 said:

You might want to consider adding more colour to some areas. Especially the green part looks very... well, green, with green water, green buildings and green pipes.

Now green and blue have something special in the architecture, I'm waiting for the other two to get something :D

Not sure if I'm going to add more color to the green area, I might play a bit with the color of the pipes.. However... maybe.... *brainfart*


You can think of the orange area as sort of the 'standard' architecture. ;) 

The red area is mostly high-rise buildings, with some slanted roofs that you will not find anywhere else in the park. It also has some short pipe sections. I think it will clearly have its own distinct feel when it's done.

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1 hour ago, Deurklink said:

I made sure to keep the trains from going too fast, and to keep the G-forces in check. Normally I don't really care about stats in my parks, but this one is actually quite good. :D 

I usually aim for a minimum excitement rating of about 6.50, and even then sometimes I'm not happy. BTW, you have a pathing error near QT-Pi's entrance, causing guests to clip into the queue line and then walk to the entrance.

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New update! 95% complete!

I built several more rides in the red area. I think next update will be the final one!


First, I built some gentle rides which I hadn't built in the park yet, for the less daring people.


After that, I built a roller coaster and the final station for the two monorails.


The roller coaster is very compact, and has six inversions throughout its track. It uses sets of 2 cars (LIM launched roller coaster) so sadly, the capacity is quite low.


The last ride that I built in this update is a roller coaster named Infinity.


First, it gets launched to the roof of the building where it gently completes a figure eight track (or infinity sign).
After that, it completes a large twisting track inside the building, which is basically a big knot.


Alright, time to fill up the last few empty spaces!

Here's the save:

Space Base 14.sv6

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright, here it is! The final update of the space base park!


I finally filled all areas of the park within the circular space. In the end I decided to fill the craters with normal green water as it looked better than having no water in the craters, and because it looked best out of the colors of water i had available.


Now, the last rides that I added to the park (I'll skip some flat rides and thrill rides that I added).

First, I made another Skywarp (I just love making these :D) I think it looks quite decent in the building I made for it.


Inside view:


Next, on top of several buildings, I built a monorail cycles track. I built a hidden chainlift on it to speed it up to around 30km/h, and I made it so it uses trains of 7 bicycles. It looks pretty cool to see those peeps race around over the roofs of the buildings!




And finally, in some space I had left near the entrance, I built my final ride: A heartline-twister coaster! I couldn't really fit it into the area so I decided to merge a curve into it using bobsleigh coaster track. I think these two types of track go really well together!


Inside view and closer look:


Also, I placed some rockets which the executives of the park and their families can use in case of an emergency :D


And that marks the end of this build log! I had lots of fun while making this, and again learned lots and lots about placing scenery and how to use cheats to create rides the way you want them to look and perform. I think the end result is a very unique park, and I am very happy with it.


Here's the save: Space Base 15.sv6

It's a lot more fun to see it in action than to just see it from screenshots. :D

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