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larger available terrain


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ezthe amount of available terrain in rct2 is in single player more then enough. this is obviously because rct2 is a singleplayer game. but in openrct2 multiplayer there are more people working in the same amount of terrain. this is why big servers get very crowded and run out of space very fast. if there was an option to expand terrain that would fix the problem. of course downloading the new map would be an issue becouse it has a lot to download. but we can fix this by not loading everything at the same time. Serverside it loads everything ofcource but Cliëntside we can unload some parts. this would be very helpful. edit: found out the needs to switch to another file format. wel Nevermind then.

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With a map having max size, you'll most likely hit another limit already before the map is really filled. We had that problem with Group Park 2, which wasn't even crowded and had lots of open areas left. Increasing the map size will also not be possible without breaking the SV6 file format.

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