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Vomit update

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The server that I play on has been having many issues with the newer builds in general. This particular issue is so severe we have to disable littering on an otherwise (usually) legit server. (And we still have the annoying cacophony of vomiting guests.)


We also have issues with a client crashing if you rename a ride anything more than a certain length and crashing if you demolish a ride while still constructing it. For the rename issue (or perhaps the demotion issue; forgot exactly which one I noticed the Task Manager with), the issue seems to be a memory leak of sorts, as when I went to the Task Manager to quit the game I think I noticed it taking up a whopping 6GB of RAM.

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Edit: I quickly checked and the problem appears to start from 0.1.2 build b05bdf2


When I made the post (13 hours ago) is when i first noticed the problem. I would like to check the versions but sadly i have to go back to work now.  If i have time i can do it later today. 

I attached a save that can be used to see if the problem exists in the version you're using (But any big park will do). Just fastforward 1 or 2 months and the symphony starts.

The Great Circle 10.sv6

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