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Future of this project?

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OpenRCT2 is free, and has many more features/improvements. I doubt anyone would choose this new game over OpenRCT2 given a choice between the two. The problem is making everyone aware that OpenRCT2 exists and is super awesome. Classic is great for mobile, but I will stick to OpenRCT2 for the foreseeable future.

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In my eyes, Atari's kinda dumb for trying to remaster a god-tier game with a poopy interface and poopy animations, and also for thinking people want remasters.

RCTC will probably not hurt OpenRCT2 at all from what I'm seeing. I'm hoping for and it seems like this is going to take off from being simply an open-source re-implementation of RCT2 in the long run, much like OpenTTD is not just libre TTD nor OpenBVE is libre BVE.

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RCT Classic is in essence RCT2 with a few extra features (like boosters), compatibility for modern operating systems (Windows 7/8/10, macOS), ports of RCT1 scenarios and a new interface.

Now, ports of RCT1 scenarios have been available since shortly after RCT2 was released. Running RCT2 on modern versions of Windows mostly involves installing DirectPlay. The interface is unlikely to be a selling point. And finally, OpenRCT2 is compatible with RCTC boosters (as well as RCT1 ones, which RCTC is not).

OpenRCT2 has more features than RCTC. What RCTC does have is the element of convenience: you can simply buy it and you'll have a classic RCT game that will work without hacks, you'll have all the scenarios, and not many bugs.

To me, it seems more like an opportunity than a threat. Of course, there is the point that we don't make money with OpenRCT2, so a competitor won't really affect us personally. There is also the element of competition keeping us sharp. But the opportunity goes beyond that, as RCTC will probably draw more people to classic RCT games again, and thus to OpenRCT2 as well.

In order to seize the opportunity, Lewis (LRFLEW) and I have worked on making OpenRCT2 compatible with RCTC's assets, with him doing the most of the work. Because of this, OpenRCT2 could be used with the RCTC assets within 24 hours of RCTC for Windows/macOS being released! (It does lack audio and scenarios, unfortunately, although the former should not be very hard to implement.) This means that OpenRCT2 works for both RCT2 and RCTC owners.

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