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The image attached to this post should explain it very quickly. I'm tired of seeing that dull grey background when I'm near at the edge of my park, it's just so sad and depressing seeing a dark void surround my park. My idea is that the user can change the background. And how this is implemented is entirely up to the OpenRCT2 programmers.

Some suggestions include:

  • The background moves with the park as the player scrolls (aka parallax scrolling) :D
  • Dynamic backgrounds that change with the time of day
  • Dynamic backgrounds that change seasons based on how much of a certain terrain is on the map (if the park is mostly covered in snow, it'll change to a snow theme background)
  • Other options include the ability to set custom images as background, perhaps this could be useful for server hosts who want to add some flair to their server.
  • The background zooms dynamically (gets bigger when you zoom out)
  • users can simply change the color of the background


Just a reminder, I'm very aware of the ol' "not everything can be added or that I should code it myself". Do not post that passive aggressive stuff here. Also, the image is just a quick mockup.

Crazy Castle 2017-07-11 22-39-54.jpg

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It's a good idea and some people may like it. (I'm going to guess that the background would rotate with the map? That would be mandatory.) I myself would never use it. Mostly because my park backgrounds have always been black (and yours should be too) not a dull grey, so it has simply never bothered me. Now, if this idea is stemming from wanting to have a cool screen shot of a full size view or even map edges, it will always be easier to modify the screen shot afterwards including completely masking the map edge VS. coding a background in my opinion. 

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On 9/20/2017 at 22:09, SpiffyJack said:

Mostly because my park backgrounds have always been black (and yours should be too) not a dull grey, so it has simply never bothered me.

Hah, for me, black has to be absolutely black for it to be black. Everything between black and white, I consider to be a shade of grey.

Edit: Added the black/grey in question for sake of discussion.


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I always thought the background in RCT was more of a dark dark brown. Grey has more of a blueish hint, but brown is slightly reddish. Or wait, maybe im thinking of the menubar in RCT1, yea the background is definitely black, just not a very dark black o.O I do think that optional background images would be pretty cool!

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On 9/25/2017 at 08:59, Nubbie said:

It's been discussed about changing the color of the background to something else on Github - never that it should be replaced with a image (like the background you've as an example), however to my knowledge (take it with a grain of salt) , it's not possible as the game is color and sprite based


A difficult solution would be to draw another map behind the park.

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