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  1. Atari has officially ported RCT Classic (for mobile) to Steam on PC. Seems a little stupid, why would anybody buy a port of a mobile game on PC? As good as the mobile version looks, Atari is just dragging the RCT name through the mud and I hope nobody buys this shit from them anymore. But I was just wondering, if this could affect OpenRCT2 in anyway?
  2. I would enjoy this feature! but I really wish there was a way to zoom in more, everything is so small in 1080
  3. I always thought the background in RCT was more of a dark dark brown. Grey has more of a blueish hint, but brown is slightly reddish. Or wait, maybe im thinking of the menubar in RCT1, yea the background is definitely black, just not a very dark black I do think that optional background images would be pretty cool!
  4. that makes sense, but if there was anyway to modify time and correct goals, it would be cool. Maybe you could make it in a way where it does not affect old scenarios, but if people create a new scenario they could set the time and goals specific to their custom scenario, possibly? seems like it would be awesome with the new lighting system!!
  5. I think it would be cool if parks actually closed for the winter months (or it could be turned on/off optionally.) like say, at the beginning of November, rides and shops are shut down and guests leave the park. Then towards the end of February, new guests slowly begin to arrive. This would cause a shift in profits, and players would have to plan accordingly. During the months of November-February, the park would have less expenses (no electrical bills) but would still have to pay employees who would be doing the usual maintenance. We could even come up with different systems for the sc
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