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First post!


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Looks good already.

The trees look like they're perfectly placed in a grid, which can be improved by using different kinds of trees together and possible not filling every single possible tile with trees. I also see trees growing beneath rollercoasters, which isn't a nice place to grow for a tree (and leaves the coaster without supports).

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Looks like a classic, fun RCT2 park. Nice work so far!

I do agree with jensj12 about the trees. I also find that placing some shrubs/bushes around the bases of trees using zero clearance, around the outside edges of a forest where you can actually see the bases of the trees, also works to make it look more real. My procedure for making forests is taking about three different types of trees and randomly placing the three types, not worrying about if every square is filled.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the comments - I appreciate it! :-)

I've never been that good at creating a realistic forest type area - it always ends up looking to uniform so I just gave in and purposely did it that way lol

I'll give the suggestions a try tho when I can next work on it, which most likely won't be till the weekend as I've got a busy week at work...fun times :-(


I'll post some updates when I can 

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