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Looking for two park downloads of a long extinct website.


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So I'm looking for two savefiles from a long extinct website to try to get them going in openrct2: Universal Studios United Kingdom and Islands of Adventure United Kingdom. I got as far as http://web.archive.org/web/20130103050551/http://www.realrct.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ but it won't let me download the saves from it. Anyone have these floating around somewhere?


Islands Of Adventure : UK


Islands Of Adventure UK, a follow-up to the famous theme park in Orlando Florida, opened its doors to the UK public in 2002. After suspecting Six Flags was about to enter the UK market, Universal acted accordingly, constructing a beautifully themed park with a collection of unique and thrilling rides in an English forest. The park has four themed islands, Toon Lagoon, Marvel Superhero Island, Jurassic Park and Lost Continent around a lake as well as the Port Of Entry. The UK version although similar to the Orlando park, also has many notable differences, most obviously, the missing Seuss Landing. However these family rides have been implemented into the other areas of the park. As well as this there are no clones or copies of the Orlando rides, making for a more unique experience in the UK. Why not come and take a look around ?


Toon Lagoon

Starting clockwise, you arrive at Toon Lagoon, a land where cartoons come to life. A land of the wet and the wild, Toon Lagoon has 2 incredible water rides, several white-knuckle roller coasters and 2 funtastic flat rides. Popeye's Rocky Rafts Ride is a high-speed next generation river rapids ride in which you and Popeye embark on a splashtastic voyage through rapids, between water falls and down a 50ft Plunge. Dudley Do-Right Strikes Back is a superb log flume/water coaster where Dudley tries to save his damsel and ultimately has to drop over 80ft into the pool below!



SMToon%20Twisters.jpg The Runaway Toon Train takes passengers on a thrilling journey in an out-of-control mine train. However the Toon Twisters- Popeye and Bluto are Toon Lagoon's real roller coaster attractions and are arguably the best rides in the park. Standing at over 85ft high these 2 racing wooden roller coasters duel through Toon Lagoon, in a rumbling adventure between good and evil. Rocky & Bullwinkle's Scrambler is a family fun ride and the Gasoline Alley Crew's Maniac Machine is a super spinning experience.


Marvel Superhero Island

On this comic book island, famous Marvel Superheroes (and villains) rule! With 3 coasters, several flat rides and the world's most unique ride, Marvel Superhero Island is unmissable. Spider-Man makes his appearance well felt on the Island in The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man. Similar to the Orlando version, which receives so much praise. This 3D/simulator/special effects/track ride is so unique you can't believe your eyes! Spider-Man Ultimate Spin is a next generation flying coaster where you can join Spider-Man as he web-slings through the city, spinning upside down and diving through burning buildings!



SMIncredible%20Hulk%20IOAUK.jpg At the back of the island stands the Revenge Of the Incredible Hulk. This floorless coaster has an unbelievable first drop of over 100ft and then sends guests through 7 inversions during the green goliath's rampage. Families can join the Human Torch on his floorless suspended coaster, Fireflight. As well as this flat rides include X-Men Evolutions, an amazing simulator experience, Dr Doom's Tower Of Peril, a terrifying blast tower and the stunt-tastic Daredevil!


Jurassic Park

Step into the land where dinosaurs come to life! Jurassic Park is a zoo-like island where the star attractions are the prehistoric beasts. However, the island is a little unreliable- the dinosaurs could well escape! Jurassic Park has 2 coasters, including Tyrannosaur, a furious 134ft vertical drop coaster with a hidden loop surprise! The other is Pteranadon Family Flyers, a fun kids' swinging coaster next to the Discovery Centre, where you can learn about the dinosaurs which roam the island, and the Cage, a raptor-infested paddock.



SMJurassic%20Park%20IOAUK.jpg However 2 rides challenge you to enter the danger zone! In Jurassic Park Jeep Adventure you board a jeep taking you on a tour of Jurassic Park, but can you survive when the jeep goes off course- into a T-Rex paddock!? In Jurassic Park River Rescue, you must ride a boat to the control centre to reactivate the park's failing power. Can you save the island and stop the dinosaurs… and then live to tell the tale of a 101ft dive into the lake below?


Lost Continent

The last island is Lost Continent, a land of mythical creatures and lost legends. There are 3 major coasters but also some great shows and other rides. Poseidon's Fury is a walk-through show/cinema experience with modern pyrotechnic and water features. Ninja Spectacular! is a fantastic show where you can watch martial arts being performed all day. Lost Legend of the Sorcerer's Spell is a terrifying drop ride- can you handle the wizardry?



SMDuelling%20DragonsIOAUK.jpg Return Of Merlin is a stand-up coaster which features 5 inversions. On this unique coaster you can travel through the woods and haunted caves at speeds of up to 45mph, standing up! However the parks' favourite attractions are the Duelling Dragons- Fire and Ice! These 2 Inverted coasters feature 5 inversions each, and are completely different in design to each other, and to the Orlando versions! Will you be able to live through the raging battle between these 2 beasts as they furiously fight in the Lost Continent with 4 near-misses!

Islands Of Adventure is spectacularly themed and contains some superb, thrilling rides and roller coasters, as well as a selection of high quality food outlets and shops, found throughout the park and in particular, in Port OF Entry. It also features a highly-efficient transport system in the form of a Submarine Ride across the central lake, a Universal Express (fastpass) system and there's also a Stadium for water shows and fireworks! Universal are already looking into expanding the area into a resort due to Islands Of Adventure UK's popularity, so why don't you come and visit Islands Of Adventure UK today? 

This park was made by Alex Harris (eyeamthu1 ATA)



Universal Studios United Kingdom

After the successful first year of Islands Of Adventure UK, Universal continue their bid to control the UK theme park industry with another high-tech, top-class theme park, Universal Studios. Based on the park at the famous Orlando, Florida resort, this new version of Universal Studios promises to be more mind-blowing and more thrilling. USUK is divided into 4 main areas: Ride the Movies, Action Zone, Kidzone and the unique Movie Star Zone, as well as 4 smaller sub-zones, Egypt, Shrek Village, Studios Marina and Entrance Plaza. Let’s go and take a look…

Ride the Movies Zone

Set next to IOAUK, in the dense English forest, the park has many similarities with its Orlando counterpart, but many notable differences, the main one being that the rides are much more high-octane and exciting. For example, Ride the Movies zone is home to the most technological coaster in existence- Back to the Future- TimeWarp. This coaster is a 4D coaster, which will take you on an unforgettable journey to the future and back again, over and over!


Twister- Eye of the Storm, is another exhilarating ride- an indoor coaster featuring a vertical drop through a spiral of helixes- enter the eye of the storm and be blown away! This area also features versions of the Floridian rides, except they're all 'beefed-up', newer, more exciting, and better than ever! These attractions are Men In Black: Alien Attack, a 3D shooting-simulator journey; Jaws, a terrifying water ride; Earthquake: Seismic Subway, a rumbling subway experience; Kongfrontation and E.T.


Kid Zone

Seuss Landing was cut from IOAUK, but USUK sees a new zone totally reserved for the younger generation! Kidzone has the popular Log Flume, Rocky&Bullwinkle;'s WildWater and a smaller mine-ride, Woody Woodpecker's WildOne! As well as several shows and smaller rides, including Animal Actors, Dr Seuss and Jimmy Neutron, there's also Shrek Village, featuring a number of attractions themed to the popular green ogre and his friends.


Action Zone

Action Zone is home to another thrilling indoor coaster, Apollo 13, the LIM Launched ride, catapulting riders into far-out space- but will they survive the journey home? There’s also two fantastic shows, the Wild West Stunt Show, and the Wild Water Stunt Show. The latest in cinematic technology has arrived in Action Zone- Terminator 3: Rise Of the Machines is a 5D Cinema, which sees Arnie fight to save the world. There are also two behind-the-scenes attractions, Backstage Prop Tram Tour and Alfred Hitchcock: the Birds, a 3D Show.


In the sub-zone Egypt, the park's most exciting attraction, the Curse of the Mummy Sit-Down coaster, winds its way through underground caverns, into tombs and through pyramids in this wild adventure. There's also the Scorpion King simulators here, which will catapult riders into the heart of one of the Scorpion King’s most difficult battles.


Movie Star Zone

However, the most unique zone is Movie Star Zone, where you become the movie star in three amazing rides! In Avalanche you get caught up in a surge of snow as you are swept towards Earth! Featuring unexpected swoops, dives and a surprise inversion, this is a ride you can’t miss! There's also Forest Falls, an incredible vertical-drop under-water floorless plunge-coaster and Vesuvius, a launched coaster up through an active, exploding volcano! There’s also the Studios Marina here, which has many boat and jet ski hires and which also provides important transport links around the park, as does the Chairlift.

USUK also has many shops and stalls, and uses the queue-cutting Universal Express Tickets technology. USUK opens its host of attractions to the public in a matter of days, and early reports from privildged coaster enthusiasts and the media say that the park is as wonderful as its predessecor. Coupled with IOAUK, Universal are dominating the theme park market, with more and more people coming to experience entertainment that nowhere else can offer! Due to the increased interest, what seems like the final part of the Universal Resort, CityWalk, looks set to be added to the 2 parks and will contain 2 hotels, a water park, restaurants, shows, cinemas, stadiums and concert arenas! However, Universal Chiefs have not ruled out the possibility of another park… 

This park was made by Alex Harris (eyeamthu1 ATA)

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On 18/08/2018 at 17:20, RetroJaro said:

Bumping.. still looking for universal studios UK.. hope that's OK?

Have you checked with some of the long time players over at NE? (www.nedesigns.com) They might have what you're looking for. Let me check with a few people and see if I can find it for you.

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Hello sorry to bump this post as I found a post cause of some parks I'm looking for!

So when Theme Park Review Game Exchange existed and a few years ago it went down! I downloaded two rct2 parks from there that I used to have liked so much and somehow lost them!


One is Glenwood Park (modernized) by Rocketman1219 a classic amusement park and Pelican Bay by Cyrbuzz a seaside park with a stadium which both were so good as I would love to see them again and have them again!

If anybody has those two parks and can post them here or send them to me I would really appreciate it if not I understand!


Thanks so much!

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