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Remember the old YouTube?

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The logo had "YouTube: Broadcast Yourself"

A majority of the videos had 009 Sound System as the music (I.E. With A Spirit)

The ratings were stars, not likes

Video responses

When 480p was the max video resolution

Better site layout (Much better [My opinion])

NO Google+

No clickbait? (I hate it!)

Animated/GIF pictures for profile pics

Yellow subscribe button

The video information located on the right of the video

The mobile app's logo that was an old-style TV

Channel comments

301+ views

&fmt=18 for HQ and &fmt=22 at the end of the video URLs for HD


Felt like writing this since I am listening to 009 Sound System at the moment. 

I miss the old YT! 2009 was the year I discovered it and now, it doesn't feel the same. :( 

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6 hours ago, RedScope53 said:

No, all good.

Theres some things I miss about Oldtube. However, I use Enhancer for Youtube, so mine is completely customized anyways.

Ok, good to know, thanks. Now, you mention you have an enhancer for YouTube. Is that a Chrome extension or something else? I have an extension that's a YouTube enhancer.

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