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Coloring individual vehicles on flat rides


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Currently, the repainting options on flat rides are only available for the entire ride as a whole, meaning that all the vehicles on a flat ride (exceptions being the Bumper Cars and Go Karts types) have the same color scheme.

The feature to repaint individual vehicles on the flat rides should work the same way as on the Bumper Cars and Go Karts types; for an example:  The Tilt-A-Whirl (AE's Tilted Whirler) currently has its 9 tipkarts use the same color scheme (for the vehicle body and the trim).  What I'd like to see in such a case is a new subfeature (which already exists on Bumper Cars and Go Karts types) that'll permit you to reaping individual vehicles within a flat ride using differing color schemes (by having Car 1 be red with white trim, while Car 2 may be green with yellow trim, ...; the supporting structure may also be repainted with its own differing color scheme (which, in this example, making the perimeter walling have red/yellow striping, and the internal canopy having white/blue striping).  This is precisely why I employ differing colors on individual vehicles when I build Bumper Cars and Go Karts type thrill rides (the flat and tracked ride types that currently allow individual vehicle repainting)—to make these flat rides more appealing to guests!!!!

Thank You!


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AE's Tilted Whirler, and most other flat rides, do not have individual vehicles. The ride is all one sprite. You can have up to three colorable regions per sprite, but no more than that. For rides that do have individual vehicles, you can already paint them seperately.

Even if support for more remap colors was added (which would require a new file format), you couldn't add enough to support what you suggest, because there's not enough room in the palette. To paint 9 seats with 2 colors each you'd need 18 remap colors. One remap color requires 12 palette slots and there are 256 available (some of which are special and can't be used as remap colors).

And even then it could only be used with new rides - you can't easily change the paint scheme of an existing object like AE's without remaking the whole thing, since we don't have the original models to render new sprites from (unless you want to go through every frame of animation and change the colors by hand, which is definitely possible but very tedious.).

The only way around it would be to redesign the ride so that it does consist of seperate vehicles. But right now, flat ride behaviour is all hardcoded. You'd have to either add a new hardcoded ride type or implement a new object format to support it.

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