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Custom Title Sequence Pics Off-Center

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I'm trying to put together a title sequence, for some of the scenarios I designed, but I'm having an issue.  When I load the scenarios and press "get" to get the coordinates for the locations I want to show in the sequence, sometimes, what actually shows up in the sequence is a bit off from what I selected.  Sometimes by quite a bit.

For example, this rollercoaster in the cliff here is one of the shots I want to include in the title sequence.  I loaded the park and scrolled to it, editing the title sequence command and using the get button to get the current location (seen in the screenshot) as the location to show.TitleSequenceCoaster1.thumb.png.23e43ba2a67f7daf58eb3bd142d06fc2.png

But when I actually got to the scene in the sequence, this is what showed.  While I can see some of the rollercoaster, the screen is more centered on the footpath on top of the cliff.


Mind you, this doesn't happen all the time - many of the other shots I used were shown more accurately in the sequence.

I've been able to get close enough screens on some of them by getting a location that's slightly off in the other direction to compensate, but it's still a bit of guesswork, especially given that these off-locations have been unpredictable.  Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?  Or is there a bug at work here?

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Possibly.  Though I'd say it's not just the cliff and more likely rougher landscapes in general.  This was the only park I included in my sequence that had such a cliff, but not the only park that gave me an inaccurate location in the sequence.  But looking at the sequence, I do recall having the most trouble with parks that have hilly or rough landscapes.

Though I'll have to play around with it some more to really confirm this, and see if I can find out any more details.

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It's because of the cliff. The location command of the tile sequence saves the coordinates of which tile it should focus, and when you click "get", it finds the edge of the surface element at the top of the cliff, but then when played it centers on the surface, not the edge. The best way to deal with this is to select a tile at the bottom, just next to where the cliff starts.

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