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  1. I did that, but I was hoping there might be some in-game option I didn't notice to hide them. In any event, can I request such an option be added?
  2. Hi. I noticed that as of the 0.1.2 update, OpenRCT2 imports the track designs from my RCT1 install directory. Is there an option I can use to hide the RCT1 track designs from the track designs list? If not, how can I go about requesting this option be added? Thanks.
  3. Well, that did the trick. Thanks! Looks like I should use the tile inspector rather than the get button to get the coordinates for the title sequence.
  4. Possibly. Though I'd say it's not just the cliff and more likely rougher landscapes in general. This was the only park I included in my sequence that had such a cliff, but not the only park that gave me an inaccurate location in the sequence. But looking at the sequence, I do recall having the most trouble with parks that have hilly or rough landscapes. Though I'll have to play around with it some more to really confirm this, and see if I can find out any more details.
  5. Hi. I'm trying to put together a title sequence, for some of the scenarios I designed, but I'm having an issue. When I load the scenarios and press "get" to get the coordinates for the locations I want to show in the sequence, sometimes, what actually shows up in the sequence is a bit off from what I selected. Sometimes by quite a bit. For example, this rollercoaster in the cliff here is one of the shots I want to include in the title sequence. I loaded the park and scrolled to it, editing the title sequence command and using the get button to get the current location (seen in the
  6. I have one small request - would it be possible to add the ability to set prices by typing them, rather than just using the up/down arrows? I think it would make large price changes (such as setting the initial prices of large coasters or park entrance) easier.Thanks.
  7. I have a couple questions about scenario compatibility between RCT1, RCT2, and Open RCT. - Currently, based on my testing, a scenario created with the Open RCT scenario editor can be run in the original RCT2. Will this always be the case, or do you imagine you'll end up creating a separate Open RCT scenario format in the future, so you can support new features? I want to ensure every scenario I design is compatible with the original RCT2. - Is it part of the plan for the future of Open RCT to make it able to run RCT1 scenario files, or are there just too many differences between the games (i
  8. Hello. I've run across a bug where if I try to set construction rights as owned/purchasable over the path leading to the park entrance, they become unset when you move on to the next step, and ultimately, are not saved with the scenario.Actually, this bug occurred in the original RCT2 as well. I was quite an avid scenario designer back in the day, and this always annoyed me. Yet it seems like so few people know about it - I've run across a number of custom scenarios where the designer didn't notice this happening.Thanks.
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