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Knoebels Amusement Resort in RCT2


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Going to start this thread as a way to post updates as I work on this park. I decided (about two years ago) to try and recreate Knoebels Amusement Resort in RCT2.  I unfortunately didn't have time to work on it much since, but I recently got back into it. I'd love to get your input as I continue working on this project. For those who aren't familiar with the park, it's a small family-owned park in central Pennsylvania in the US:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knoebels_Amusement_Resort


Pioneer Train and Start of Crystal Pool (I really hate having the peeps lined up for the pool but I can't figure out how to increase the number of people allowed in the pool at once)

Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-08-16 20-52-45.png

Grand Carousel and Birthday Pavilion (thinking about changing birthday pavilion to make it a bit larger)

Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-08-16 20-52-53.png

Back of the Alamo Restaurant

Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-08-16 20-53-03.png

Crystal Pool and Pioneer Train

Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-08-16 20-53-17.png

Backside of Pioneer Train, Merry Mixer, Balloon Race, 1001 Nacht

Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-08-16 20-54-53.png

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14 hours ago, saxman1089 said:

So I am still working on this project, I've just been posting screens over at NEDesigns rather than here. I might start posting lots more over here, and save the best for over there. 

So your going to use 'us' as your rating guinea pigs, only feeding us the scraps? ... I see how this works... :D 

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14 hours ago, saxman1089 said:

haha, come on now @SpiffyJack.  I kept getting called out for posting WIP stuff over there, so I'm just gonna be a bit more selective. I still want feedback somehow though! Have you seen any of my screens over there? 

lol... i feel ya... tough crowd over at NE sometimes, although much of what get bitched at over there by some, gets great reviews by others... I call it the NE crapshoot :D

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Really liking how this project has been progressing. I wish I could comment from experience as I've never been able to visit Knoebels yet, but I'm definitely feeling the family park atmosphere.

I know from NE that you were concerned about the large building for the pool but seeing it in context here I think it actually works rather well. I have mixed feelings about that gear on top though--I'm guessing that's intended as HVAC of some sort but I think there might be a better way to handle that one detail.

Also personally not a fan of the red car object in the bottom-left of that same screen though. Stands out too much from the rest of the game graphics to me.

One detail I'm curious if you're following is the park's actual ride pricing. Being one of the few remaining pay-for-rides parks in the world that would be a cool touch. (I'm considering this for my Riverview recreation but–being set in the 60s–the 10¢-40¢ ride tickets make it a little harder to turn a profit.) I think Knoebels' prices would be just about perfectly in line with the game finances though.

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Thanks for the compliments as always @hpg

The HVAC thing on top of the big pool changing building will probably be replaced with something. I think IRL it's literally a large fan, which is what I was going for with the gear. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels on the fence about it.

The red car object is already gone, for your exact reasoning! Will be replaced with scenery objects or one of the in-game cars/trucks.

As for the ride pricing, that's a cool idea. Right now I've got the game on "no money mode" and I'll leave it that way for now. But switching to pay-per-ride at the end and setting the rides to the proper costs is definitely a possibility. 

I'll have to post some update screens soon as well. I've expanded the park significantly since I last updated this post. Trying to save some surprises for when the park is finished and people can DL though. =)

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