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DUMP file when kicking player

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You're reporting a multiplayer issue, but the screenshot is from a singleplayer game. A few questions to narrow down the issue:

  • Can you reproduce it reliably?
  • Which steps are needed to reproduce the crash? (please also provide a file, or indicate the scenario you've used)
  • Does it also happen if you don't kick any player?
  • Does it happen in singleplayer, multiplayer or both?
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the park that you embedded in your post fails to load. The screenshot in your second post is also not from multiplayer, as remarked by jensj12, and also shows a assertion failure, which does not create dump files, so I suspect that the two issues are not related to each other. Please provide the information that jensj12 asked for, so it can be properly looked into.

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Ignoring asserts only cause greater problems, they're there to catch errors early before the game messes up completely. A list of steps like peti100 provided is very helpful in debugging these things, so please provide us a list of steps to reproduce the crash so devs can investigate it on their own machines.

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This particular assertion can be ignored, as this one was added quite recently to make sure a certain value stays within range. Somehow, the value doesn't stay within range, but it's probably been like that for a while already. Ignoring it a few times every frame will make you able to continue playing for now, or go back to an older build to not have the assertion being hit at all.

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