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Rapids new station greyed out

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Hey everyone. I grew up with RCT and its my go to game!

I love openRCT2 and have noticed that when building River Rapids there are 2 greyed out options for a vertical tower and entry/exit platform.


How do I get these ungreyed? They sound cool!!



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Yes, this sounds like a bug. Those pieces definitely should not be available on this ride.

Ordinarily, you can work around track piece restrictions using arbitrary ride type changes, but that does not seem to work here. I doubt the ride would actually complete a circuit without crashing if you did this. It is probably possible to put the pieces on the ride somehow but I don't think you'll make it work.

If you want an elevator lift, use normal vertical track pieces with a chain lift. The rafts will tilt up as they climb them (though not at a vertical angle, because they don't have the sprites for that), but it's the closest you'll get if you want it to function.

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