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Saving track design issues

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Hey all, couple of short things I've had issues with- although I have found a workaround.

When saving track designs since installing ORCT2 I'd found that the first time it did nothing and the second attempt crashed the game. Loading up the Windows dialogue box to save instead of the ORCT2 one highlighted that ORCT2 didn't have permission to save in the Infogrammes/RCT2/tracks folder that it chooses by default. How can I set ORCT2 up to be able to save there? Do I just need to run it as administrator?


Also, I've found that there's no way to choose which folder you save the designs to by default. I can get designs to save fine by moving to the ORCT2/tracks folder in Documents, but I have to manually go there each time instead of telling the game to use it as the default folder. Is it possible to change this at all?



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For some crazy reason.. and maybe @Broxzier knows this answer... on rare occasions my save files will end up here...  C:\Users\Gateway\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack\Tracks (or \games or \scenarios) I've never been able to solve why, but when it happens my saves vanish, or even re-write and never really update.

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Files are saved to ...\AppData\...\Program Files\... when a game tries to save it to the normal program files location. Windows doesn't allow saving to program files, so it saves them in appdata instead. ORCT2 may have trouble finding tracks/saves saved there.

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