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Making Bench Tables

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Does anyone have the know-how to explain to me how to make tables that peeps can sit at? I see some in ne-parks, one being mirage islands, which is currently the showcase park in the servers list. I see they used "crown moulding c toontowner", to create the table, and then somehow they placed the benches around the table. I have not been able to do this on my own. Not only is the table often in midair, but i also have to delete the path underneith the table to place the table. Somehow they have successfully created tables on top of paths which the peeps can walk up to and sit at. By the way i have very little experience using the tile inspector, there is one demo on youtube showing how to make a bus track invisible, but that's the only video i've found about using the tile inspector.

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34 minutes ago, joshmarsilio said:

Uhm well this isn't the greatest explanation, and btw i tried again, i still can't figure it out... guess i'll keep experimenting.

Build the path.


Turn on Disable Clearance Checks in the cheats menu.


Build the table on top of the path.


That's it. 

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Several people have already mentioned that you have to disable clearance checks to place the table on the path. But to make a table peeps can sit at, you also need to place benches on the path - and the benches don't show if the path is connected to other path.

So to place a table in the middle of a larger area of path, you should go into the tile inspector and uncheck the connections on the edges, but not on the diagonals. This way, peeps can still access the tile but the benches will appear. Note that this confuses the hell out of the guests, and you may have to break additional links to prevent them endlessly walking in circles.

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