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I Need my Memory Jogged... Ask here.

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I've forgotten some of the (general) ride limits and would like to throw out some questions to jog my memory. Thanks in advance.  

I'm not asking because I'm too lazy to search for the answer.....  just kidding, yes I am. :D


1: Is there a current game manual (ORCT2) with all function descriptions? hot keys, shortcuts etc... 

2: Maximum # of stations allowed per ride type. (mini train, monorail, typical, elevator...)

3: Ratio: (#) of Platforms/Train-Car count?

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55 minutes ago, X7123M3-256 said:

1) I don't believe so, but what documentation exists is on Github

2) Max platforms per ride is 4

3)As many as will fit in the shortest platform, but never less than the minimum specified in the DAT, and not so many that the friction would be reduced below a set threshold. The absolute max is 255.

Recently brought my train map back to life...589fc3f2af11c_GrandJunction2017-02-1118-08-47.thumb.png.9154989bd5b97d06fcd139ecd3e3a51b.png589fc3f9867a6_GrandJunction2017-02-1118-04-31.thumb.png.3a80fc144cc6bd5067ae88e5ffe0412a.png

@X7123M3-256 #3 relates to images below.  ie:

I understand how railroad 1 can be different. But why is 2 and 3 different? 

Railroad 1 has 7 platforms per 3 stations = 15 trains w/ 4 cars per train.

Railroad 2 has 6 platforms per 3 stations = 14 trains w/ 4 cars per train.

Railroad 3 has 6 platforms per 3 stations = 12 trains w/ 3 cars per train.

** Is the excitement factor a factor?


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