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How to remove border fence?

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Hi Guys, I'm new here.
Just started to play (open) RCT again. My plan is to make video's of my parks and post them on youtube.
I've already made 2, you can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25Q56ubuIvZ9qF_XaVq-bg/featured

I want to remove the border fence (like you can with 8cars on regular RCT)
Is there a way to remove them or make them invisible in openRCT? I already googled the question but can't get a clear answer.
I don't want to cover them with other scenery. As you can see in my video's it looks pretty crappy now.


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If you're referring to the fence that surrounds some parks that you can't delete, this is the border between your owned and unowned land. Many scenarios have a one or two block thick strip of unowned land surrounding the entire park and some even contain entire chunks or areas of unowned land. It would be nice if you could press one button to make all land owned, which would get rid of this "fence" but i don't think you can. Instead you can check "enable sand box mode" in the golden shovel, the fourth icon from the top left screen

{{CHEATS MUST BE CHECKED IN THE IN GAME: DISK, OPTIONS, GEARS, CHEATS MENU}} (this will give you the "golden shovel" icon.)

then, go into the tenth box from the upper left screen, the "mini map", then click the "blue grid" icon, and with land owned checked you can now click that unowned land in your park and make it owned. The "fence will begin to dissappear, but beware; you usually have to have your entrance, peep spawn point, and paths leading into an entrance to be "unowned" in order for peeps to enter and exit the park.

If you're referring to deleting the actual park entrance, go into the same "mini map", the tenth icon from the upper left screen, and instead click the park entrance or arched entrance icon. Now simply right click the entrance you want to delete.

note: you must first delete all current entrances from your park in order to deselect that entrance gate type and reselect a different gate type in the object selection menu.

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