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So I'm currently trying to build a realistic, big park in a sandbox scenario WITH money.  However, I always put in a lot of detail (which i want) but after about an hour of playing, I find that the way I placed some things and other details just look horrible to me.  I can never seem to find quality in my work, even though ive been trying my best. Suggestions on detail, scenery, etc?

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1. Do not use multiple of the same tree next to each other

2. When using flat rides, try to dress up the support structure if there is any

3. use shrubs and bushes more

5. use the proper wall peices when building structures

6. use more scenery

47.  More detail in fence (Planted hedge = Hedge wall + 1/2 brick wall)

4. Better stall placement

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  • No brake run on the coaster (though a ride of this size may well not have one, any larger coaster should)
  • Two lift hills is too many for a coaster of that size (possible exception is if you have one lift hill immediately before the station and one after, but this would be more typical of a terrain layout)
  • Plain entrance and exit buildings aren't great. I suggest setting the entrance type to "invisible" and building your own loading platform with scenery.
  • No scenery or foliage in the ride area - it looks plain with no additional detail (though I suck at this as well, I usually just add custom supports and a few weeds and call it a day).
  • Vertical landslopes left exposed. Dirt can't stand vertical - either add walls or use a different land type.
  • Flat ride built elevated for no good reason. Real parks aren't going to waste money on all that additional support structure just to build a path underneath the ride.
  • Your food court has no windows, and is missing a section of wall.
  • Your brick walls end abruptly and for no apparent reason.


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