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Transferring Files to new PC

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I'm planning on building a new gaming PC and will have to transfer all my games files to the new computer. I had to reinstall Windows 10 Pro recently on my current PC due to a virus and I backed up all my OpenRCT2 files on an external Hard Drive. I rebuilt the OS and placed the OpenRCT2 files back on the PC. Nothing will work. All my work was perminately not workable. I tried going to options and checked off load files with incorrect check names and it didn't work.


When I build the new PC, I wanna be sure that I will be able to open my scenarios, load existing games, etc. with no problem.


Can someone give me feedback on what I can do in the future when I move to a new PC or if I ever had to reinstall the program without being locked out of my work?


Thanks for your help in advanced.



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Next time make sure the data you backed up is what you need. The things you need to backup are custom scenarios, custom landscapes, saved games, tracks, objdata, nad your highscore folder and files, and maybe some custom soundtracks if you are using those. Those files can be found in either the RCT2 folders (inside your Program Files and VirtualStore folders) named Scenarios, Landscapes? (not entirely sure), Saved Games, Tracks, and ObjData, or in the OpenRCT2 filders named save, scenarios, landscape, object, highscores.dat, and scores.dat.

You might also want to make a backup of your OpenRCT2 settings and theme, to do so backup config.ini, hotkeys.cfg, and the themes folder.

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12 hours ago, xzalek25 said:

Nothing will work. All my work was perminately not workable.

What is the error message? Transferring files to a different computer should not corrupt them. My guess is that the parks depend on custom objects that you did not transfer to your new computer - if this is indeed the case, the game will print out the objects that are missing and you can search for them on NEDesigns.

If the park is actually corrupt you could try uploading it here - if it's a simple error it might be fixable.

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