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  1. Hey guys! i am writing because I have a feature request for the game. My parents and I'm sure other parents in the world feel the same way, but they raise security concerns about Port Forwarding in multiplayer. Can a feature request be submitted for a fix to the game where you don't have to Port forward your router to play? thanks xzalek25
  2. But I wanna have it shown in the master server list on this website. How do I request that it's put on the list?
  3. Hello, I am working with another OpenRCT2 user on starting another 24/7 master server. Once it's up and ready, how do I add it to the list of master servers for people to look up and apply to join? This is for the BBP Games Community. Thanks zalek
  4. I don't know how to back up the items properly.
  5. Hello, I'm planning on building a new gaming PC and will have to transfer all my games files to the new computer. I had to reinstall Windows 10 Pro recently on my current PC due to a virus and I backed up all my OpenRCT2 files on an external Hard Drive. I rebuilt the OS and placed the OpenRCT2 files back on the PC. Nothing will work. All my work was perminately not workable. I tried going to options and checked off load files with incorrect check names and it didn't work. When I build the new PC, I wanna be sure that I will be able to open my scenarios, load existing ga
  6. Hi, The problem is solved. I reinstalled the game and it's fixed,. Thanks everyone for you help.
  7. 33749cc The folks over there closed my ticket! He didn't help at all and he said there's another case open but it has nothing to do with my issue.
  8. @X7123M3-256 what is a commit hash and an assertion failed?
  9. I sent the problem to one of the administrators.
  10. The game doesn't crash on other servers only mines. The crash report is attached in the following image.
  11. Hi, I am trying to start a multiplayer game on OpenRCT2. I am trying to use the latest version and every time I click multiplayer in the menu on the top, the whole game keeps crashing. Why is it crashing? Zach
  12. Hi there, I am having problems. I had a server on OpenRCT2 which was successful and it crashed because I made an inexperienced player admin before I logged out. I tried to log back in and it won't let me. Therefore I uninstalled OpenRCT2, deleted the files and reinstalled it from scratch to start over. I backed up a scenario that was successful in the server and backed up the saved game but when I tried to open it in the new install, I get a message saying unable to load game, invalid data found. Is there someone that can help me get these files running which is the saved scenario and sav
  13. I noticed that other people are able to connect to my server, but I can't test it on my own through my other login. People connect but they disconnect quickly, are they leaving or they losing connection?
  14. Hello, I have a problem. I am trying to set up a server. However It advertises when I tested it but it won't work. I set up Port Forwarding with the default port number. I am using an XFINITY router to do this. On the latest version, I started OpenRCT2 Launcher and no Command Prompt screen shows up in the background. I am using Windows 10. I start the server and it starts. I went to another login account, opened OpenRCT2 Launcher and I see it shows it in the list of advertised servers. I click on it and it says unable to load server. Can someone help me?
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