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Motorway Madness


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A while ago I mentioned that I will be making scenarios with long term goals. My first entry into this is a map called Motorway Madness, a park which is set in the UK besides the coast. I will be making this available once the park has been completely tested. However for now I will be posting my build log of the park. Enjoy :)

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It's one of the only parks that I picked up in the contentstore because I really like this park. It has so much potention and I'm going to create a nice park out of it on my own. However, I don't like the theming for the entrance...I mean I like it, it's done nicely, but it's not my style of theming. So that's one thing I'm going to change, and I will pack it up with CS to create my own amusement park...

I don't know if you have set some kind of goal for it because I haven't looked in to that yet, but I will stick to it. Very nicely done, and one of the few maps that I like ;) !

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