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How do you make slanted fences for roofs?

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... you've played OpenRCT2 all this time without knowing about the tile inspector?

It's the window that lets you view/modify the map elements on a tile, accessible from the debug menu. You can use it for making elements invisible, deleting them, rotating them reordering them, and adjusting their height and other properties. It's probably the most useful feature added by OpenRCT2 (that or zero clearance).

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To use the aforementioned "Tile Inspector"...

Enable the debug tools in the options menu

Hold the new gear icon on the top bar down, and select "Show Tile Inspector"

You can now select a space to view a list of elements that occupy that space and modify any element's height, orientation, or some other factors.

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Slanted fences in the air could already be achieved in vanilla RCT2 by raising a the surface by dragging one corner high, so that the total difference between the bottom and the top would be two steps (4 if you count half-heights), then place the fence, and lower the tile again using the bottom corner.

In OpenRCT2 you can do it easier with the methods described above.

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