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Getting a Disc Read error when Installing RCT2 Vanilla

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While this is not an issue to OpenRCT2 itself, the perquisites is the issue I have gotten into when trying to install RCT2 Vanilla.

Of course RCT2 works on Windows 10, but I ran into an error during installation.

It says there was a data error and now I can't even cancel the installation.

Even then I had this disc for 14 years now. What should I do?

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6 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

Try running the installer in compatibility mode for something like winXP and run it as administrator. If that doesn't work, this wiki page will tell you how to do it without installing RCT2 (but by manually copying the required files).

Sure I will do that, but mine is heavily scratched, it can still run though. I can clean the disc and retry, then I can follow your steps.

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1 hour ago, Broxzier said:

That sounds bad, your disk might just be too scratched now. I hope you can recover the original files, and if you do so successfully you should burn them on a new disk.

Actually, it didn't have any deep scratches that I know of, I just had the disk cleaned of scratches and it works just as fine, but I should take that option when I need to.

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