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This ride should get an award for best sceneries


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Hey everyone. When I was playing multiplayer in a private server as one of my friends requested me to host one in OpenRCT2 with 2 friends, my friend dchambersohio built this great mine train coaster that goes underground and he only did the walls and roofs part that the train is in and also the warehouse where the brakes are located in, not the rest of the sceneries because I used the Tower of Babel map that came with the UCES Expansion Set for RCT2. My friend Pinball_Wiz wanted me to do a different map than the Six Flags one because he wanted to.

Here is the park:

Tower of Babel 2016-11-04 15-25-32.png

Tower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-37-53.png

Tower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-37-58.png

Tower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-38-00.png

Tower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-38-05.pngTower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-45-45.png

Underground View:

Tower of Babel 2016-11-03 18-38-28.png


Download Park: 

Tower of Babel Multiplayer.sv6

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Forgot to add the screenshot of the station as dchambersohio told me and spotted a grammar mistake.
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2 minutes ago, RCGames said:

I think it's alright, I think it's underground too much to be fair and if you had more actual mine theming I think it would be pretty neat!

Question: What are the ratings?

Excitement rating is like 8.03. You can see the park yourself if you want to look at more ratings because I've provided the download link to the file.

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