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Getting the most out of Transport Rides


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I have read all the comments about transport rides not being worth their while, peeps won't ride them for transport purposes etc. Well I took on that challenge to see if I could build a park and get the most from a transport ride. I think I did it. "Hot Air Balloons" in my park North Hampton Oaks has the following stats after 3 years. Total Customers - 9,556 (twice any other ride), Total profit - $24, 522 (more than any coaster), Income - $11,736/hr (4th), Customers per hour - 3,912 (3rd) and lastly guests favorite - 370 out of 3,010 guests (that's better than 10%).

I don't build my parks to cram as much in the park as possible and I am not one for building them as contest winners. I don't believe that was the original intent of the game. I think it was to be a thinking and planning game. I build mine as a normal park (which I visited over 35 in my life) would be constructed with a combination of rides, games and shops scattered throughout the park. Many of the rides in this park were pre-built which were then modified and scenery added by me. I am not asking for anyone to critique my park.

I should explain that my enjoyment comes from constructing a landscape, adding which rides I want in this park, which rides are at the start and which ones have to be researched. Setting up the goal and then playing the game to achieve that goal. I should also mention that the original landscape design was not mine. I am not sure where I got it from but I liked it, cleared of everything and started from there.

The only cheat (I try not to use them) used was in the original construction of Hot Air Balloons. It and the main info desk were the only rides in the park at the onset. The HAB station at the entrance was the only station when the park opened, the others added later as the park expanded.

Enclosed is a copy and some pics.335C - North Hampton Oaks 2016-11-02 23-28-02.png335C - North Hampton Oaks 2016-11-02 08-32-33.png335C - North Hampton Oaks 2016-11-02 08-32-13.png335C - North Hampton Oaks 2016-11-02 08-32-01.png

335C - North Hampton Oaks.sv6

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I like using roller coasters as "transport" rides. They move guests quickly and are more popular than the less intense transports. If what you say is correct (I never checked that), which implies that transport rides aren't considered in the pathfinding algorithms, then coasters are as good as trains or monorails.

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I've been doing all of the fixes to improve the pathfinding in recent months and it definitely, absolutely does not consider transport rides.

At some point it will.  But in vanilla RCT2 it did not do this and in OpenRCT2 it has not yet been enhanced to do so.

So, yes, you are correct that at the moment roller coasters are just as good at transporting peeps around the park as transport rides are.

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