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Missing objects

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Hi everyone, one quick question, hope someone can help me out here. By moving last year I lost my RCT2 Time twister & wacky worlds expansion CD, so since I have my new computer I only have the basic RCT2. Unfortunately now there's one of my parks I can't open anymore because of the missing objects. By using ParkDat I discovered these objects are MEDISOUP and SOFTOYST, two of the expansion pack shops. Does anybody know where I can find these two objects to add them so i can open my park again, or would anybody be so kind to send them to me? Big big thanks in advance!

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From the looks of things, by reinstalling the expansion packs. If you don't have them and misplaced your CD you'll have to buy them. Just keep an eye on GOG.com or Steam for when RCT2 is at a comfortable price for you. The upside is a digital copy is harder to lose. Either that or replace your CD yourself.We can't send them, that'd be, naughty really.

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To share them here:1. Get your save game on the coaster cloud2. Go to coaster cloud (from your web browser), select the correct park and click share3. Right-click on the download button and click 'copy link' (or the equivalent in your browser)4. Paste the link here in a replyThe shared park will not change if you update the park in your local files / coaster cloud, so further changes after sharing will remain private.

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I'm sorry for the delay. Coaster Cloud doesn't seem to work, or there's a dead link on the web page? Anyway, I've uploaded the park file Jardin Botanique.SV6 on DropBox. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/h9vigrs00e15wi2/Jardin%20Botanique.SV6?dl=0. Anyone willing to help me out can send it to me via my Facebook profile, I don't mind. This is https://www.facebook.com/kuypersbert.Thanks a lot !!

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Huh, I tried loading it and got a whole bunch of errors from missing files. Can anyone else check this just incase it's not me?Just to check I loaded a save I made, worked fine.Is there anything else as part of the file that's needed, any Custom Content or just, I'm a silly head?

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