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  1. I'm having the exact same problem. Whenever I open the savegame, within a few moments the game crashes. Not with an error message, but just "not responding". I've attached the savegame here, anybody any idea? Six Flags Great Adventure5.sv6
  2. Thanks for the reply! Keep up the good work!
  3. I'm experiencing asimilar problem in my park. Out of nowhere, they're all getting stuck somewhere. There's 1000+ guests in my park, and non of them are on any of the rides 'cause they're either looking for ride entrances or the park exit. The layout of my park has been the same for ages, without ever causing any problem, and I always play in the Development Builds mode. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm sorry for the delay. Coaster Cloud doesn't seem to work, or there's a dead link on the web page? Anyway, I've uploaded the park file Jardin Botanique.SV6 on DropBox. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/h9vigrs00e15wi2/Jardin%20Botanique.SV6?dl=0. Anyone willing to help me out can send it to me via my Facebook profile, I don't mind. This is https://www.facebook.com/kuypersbert.Thanks a lot !!
  5. This is great! I'll upload in a second.
  6. Thanks for the replies. That seems like a great solution! Is there a way to send private messages on the forum?
  7. Hi everyone, one quick question, hope someone can help me out here. By moving last year I lost my RCT2 Time twister & wacky worlds expansion CD, so since I have my new computer I only have the basic RCT2. Unfortunately now there's one of my parks I can't open anymore because of the missing objects. By using ParkDat I discovered these objects are MEDISOUP and SOFTOYST, two of the expansion pack shops. Does anybody know where I can find these two objects to add them so i can open my park again, or would anybody be so kind to send them to me? Big big thanks in advance!
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