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Flying Roller Coaster Station bug

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Hello there, as of the latest dev release the station for the Flying roller coaster is bugged. By this I mean the station is built like a normal B&M steel Twister type and not in an inverted type like before.

Mozar's Free4All 2016-10-17 23-24-50.png

Now you could develop an option to build 2 types of stations starting on backside or the conventional way and use the barrel roll sections to transition between them.

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26 minutes ago, imlegos said:


...Why do we still have a bugs topic, if we're told to just post them on github anyway???


Most small things could get resolved by others in the community and some bugs aint big enough to get its own topic as I understand it.

Dump files are also special as mostly just devs open and can examine them.

All development is through GitHub which means all developers are on that site, not many of them use the forums

Also, not many causal players have a GitHub account so most bugs/problems wouldn't have anywhere to go which means devs won't be able to know about them as easily

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