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  1. When you can join a server without trashing it, then blames the community for it's toxicity when he continues to trash others servers for no apparent reason then the community will join you and treat you with respect, but until then stay away.
  2. And again goes back into Mozar's server and trashes it. Thank god for ip based bans. Should like I said earlier be banned from this forum.
  3. Yup, and already reported to the group's server in which he did that to. Should be banned from this forum for lying about something and bringing down the devs who work on this project in my opinion.
  4. Hello there, as of the latest dev release the station for the Flying roller coaster is bugged. By this I mean the station is built like a normal B&M steel Twister type and not in an inverted type like before. Now you could develop an option to build 2 types of stations starting on backside or the conventional way and use the barrel roll sections to transition between them.
  5. You can't, at least not yet. I would love this too.
  6. As soon as I click the button to show the server list it crashes, not while joining the server.
  7. OpenRCT2 build faf16a3 Using this version still causes it.
  8. Hi, the last few versions of this, if I try and select MP the game just crashes. I don't know if you guys disabled MP. Anyways below is the screen I get, just that "openrct2 has stopped working."
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