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(Fixed) Crashes When Opening Up the Rides/Attractions Menu

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I don't know if this is just me, but when I want to look at the rides menu, it crashes the game (this happens to every park I start up, not just the one used in the example, the same example has another problem unknown). But yeah, is anyone else experiencing this? How do I fix it? Oh, and I'm kinda new to these forums, so yeah. I got the park and the dump file (be careful, crashes as soon as you start it up, best to pause in another game and load that one, don't know how to fix that problem as said, just focusing on the rides/attractions menu issue).

Now I'm up to date, so everything is cool. As for the park crashing, just had to remove one ride that was glitchy.




YottaByte Park.sv6


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Fixed everything!
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I've had this happen before, one of two things can happen if you don't want to fix this.


1. Go back to a recent save and see if that works. If not, keep going further back.

2. Keep an eye out for new update releases as these bugs will inevitably be fixed.


Something extra: I've noticed that if you get the "assertion failed" pop-up, click ignore and go directly back into the game. (I suggest you immediately save the game then after).


One other thing: It might not be OpenRCT2 causing this issue. I've had several times where I clicked a save game and when it opened, the game would either: immediately crash or wait a few second and then crash. You could possibly have a problem where one or more files have corrupted themselves and therefore is screwing your game up. Not one of the vanilla RCT2 objects should be corrupt. However, if you use custom scenery, chances are, you have a corrupt file. Maybe even more than one.


Solution: Search the ObjData files in RCT2's folder. Try and find what has been causing the issue. (In the black box that also pops up with OpenRCT2, if your game freezes, click on that box and it should show you what went wrong. Say, AEER37's file has corrupted, that method is easier than just simply being ludicrous and search through 37 quadrillion files). Once you have found the issue, REMOVE THE FILE at all costs. Delete those files to the garbage bin. You should now be set to run your game normally. (IF that was the issue)


If you still have problems, I don't think I can give you much more on how to fix your game. Good luck!

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