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  1. Both my laptop and desktop backgrounds, why not both? Hehe. My laptop and its background, I mainly use it for school or for minor games. I kept it neat. The image was a meme I made a while back which consisted of Hare and Suezo from Monster Rancher. Yeah it was taken a while back, but still was the same nonetheless. My desktop on the other hand had another approach, did something clever with my gaming desktop, laid out like an office. Taken a while back like with the laptop's image, but still remained the same (even while it's packed at the moment).
  2. It is about time for the holidays! Thought I might make this forum post because of Christmas Eve. I know there's other holidays but hey, at least I'm on time for this. What are your plans for the holidays? What do you plan on getting for Christmas? I got myself a nice list of good stuff, mainly video gaming accessories. "So Merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy... Holidays. And if you have a problem with "Happy Holidays" then happy shut the fuck up." ~AVGN
  3. Oh why not. Hehe. YouTube: JamsDaSquirrel/ASuckerForHare (I game, review, and shitpost on that channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wiAgSUIqecEz6_dOJu7nA Other YT channel (dedicated to Guitar Hero gaming): JamsDaGuitarHero: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWmFhMS7vcBikZijsgzeNtw Facebook Page (not my personal one but...): Jams & Friends (occasionally on this page): https://www.facebook.com/Jams-Friends-1190391604308366/ Other FB Page (dedicated to Monster Rancher memes): Monster Rancher Memes (much more on this page than Jams & Friends (I'm also much more o
  4. Just a question as I have considered a few days ago, and haven't been on here in a long time. I am addicted to this game to be honest, took a break from OpenRCT2 and Guitar Hero for this game series. Monster Rancher was first released in 1997 on the PS1, and was created by Tecmo. The game was similar to Pokemon and other monster raising/battling games. One unique aspect is the way you get monsters, for the PS1 games, you can use CDs, whether it be music, game, or PC CDs, any CD can be used to grant monsters, and some can even grant special sub-types of certain monsters. In later games like Mon
  5. Oh, my bad (on both). Yeah I tried, but hey, gotta give me something on it at least. :c
  6. Oh, well never knew that. Hehe, I never knew what it did so I assumed it would do that. But hey, I gave a somewhat good guess. (Well I did all that anyways before making the post, so it should be good to go then.)
  7. (The word "YottaByte" refers to its big size, a yottabyte is about one septillion bytes, way bigger than a terabyte (but there's more that pass terabyte)) The wait is finally over, I bring all of you, the YottaByte Park. I started this project on my old desktop before it truly died on me (the hard drive survived and the park was also backed up (just in case)). I started on August 2016, but after what happened with my computer (and me forgetting I backed it up), I delayed the project and focused on other games, so I continued on October 2016 (don't know the exact dates however). At one poi
  8. Well, learning from the past issues I've had makes you wiser I think. Well I tried, all my objdata is backed up, including the data that is normally in the game and not customs. I thought it was my objdata as well, but turns out to be a glitchy miniature train that had 10 cars (I know the thing says "Unstable" when checking the option to go over the average amount of cars per train and such. (the train part was off topic)).
  9. Do you have the objdata that associates with the park or is something in the objdata corrupted? I normally back up my objdata (all of it, including the stuff that comes with the game), thought it might be the objdata if anything. Hopefully this should help, if not, I don't know. :\
  10. Huh, never knew it would do that automatically, I use Steam to start OpenRCT2 cause I added it to my games list, I don't really use the launcher (I have it, I don't really use it) and I didn't add it on the game list. But yeah, it's all fixed now.
  11. I know what to do now, I fixed the issue by updating. I'm gonna be doing that from now on (as long as I remember). As for the extra problem, fixed it by removing a glitchy ride.
  12. Yeah, you helped. I thank you for the solutions and such. Now off to building up YottaByte Park!
  13. So everything is fixed, the rides/attractions menu (after downloading the most recent update) and even the crashing at the start of YottaByte Park (I just had to remove one ride which was a miniature railroad (made into a tour train). I kinda feel a little dumb, but hey, learn something new everyday right? ^^;
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