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Fix vandalism at cost?


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So in the cheats menu there's the Fix Vandalism button which I love. But I prefer to play the scenarios straight with no money or ratings cheats etc, want to feel like I'm beating the scenarios fair and square.

Could there be a "Fix vandalism at cost" button that fixes vandalism but deducts the total amount of money it costs replace all the broken benches, trash cans and lightposts en masse? That way I don't have to go through the tedium of manually replacing each item, but I'm not getting a "free" cheat repair from the deal either.

This could be a pretty simple addition.


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2 hours ago, TCE said:

Speaking of staff, has anyone ever actually seen a security guard tell someone to leave the park before? I've heard it happens but have never seen it.

I think that's only a RCT3 thing.  The only function of security guards in RCT and RCT2 is to patrol around- if a vandal sees a security guard nearby, they wont vandalize anything.

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It would be such a cool feature to have "vandals".


My idea for having vandals is that they look exactly the same as regular guests, but they only come into the park to vandalise it. That's why you have security guards to appoint them out the park. Of course, having vandals spawn as much as guests would be outright stupid. I would see it as maybe 5%-15% of the guests that spawn are only to vandalise. 


Doing this would make some scenarios harder, say, if they added a "Kepp the vandals out" option for how to win a scenario. Something like that would bring us a whole new level to the game that would actually seem fun.


Don't want vandals? Check the options for no vandals will spawn. ;) 

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11 hours ago, imlegos said:

I remember hearing about ORCT2 staff ideas before, don't remember where tho

Here is what I got when requested;

"The plan is to have handymen fix vandalised benches etc. (as would happen in real life).
Closing this as the plan is already documented on the wiki (and has been put into issues multiple times anyway)."


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