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Hey guys! :)

I bought the "Humble Jumbo Bundle 7" and found your project because of searching for a 1080p version of RCT2 and i love it to see people still working on a great game like this!

I saw that you made a feature that integrates the viewers of a twitch channel and this is really nice but i want to switch to YouTube Gaming since it officially started here in Germany.
Is it planned to do this for YTGaming also and if not would you guys do this anytime in the future? :3

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Hey there, welcome to the forums! It's great to see more and more people enjoying this golden oldie. As for your feature request, I haven't hear anything from anyone about this, and I must say I also didn't know youtube streaming is a thing for games. If enough people are interested, I'm sure one of the devs will pick it up.

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