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Hardest scenario

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What is the hardest scenario that you have played (in RCT1 or RCT2)?

For me, the hardest in RCT1 include Harmonic Hills, Butterfly Dam, Dragon's Cove, Rainbow Valley, and Micro Park.

RCT2 didn't have many scenarios that were as hard as some RCT1 scenarios, but Alpine Adventures (the terrain and it rains A LOT) and Rainbow Summit (the height limit) were quite difficult. Ghost Town looked more difficult than it actually was because coaster excitement goes up when they're built over/under/around other coasters.

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Woodworm Park was always difficult for my brother and I as we always seemed to be ONE guest off, or ONE rating off of the win. Stupid, yes, annoying? Yes. Enraging? Yes.


There were a couple more that were exceedingly difficult. 


If you want more challenges, I have 49 scenarios over on RCTgo with a wide range of challenges. Number 40 being the hardest.



This link will take you to my profile which has all 49 scenarios on it as well as numerous coasters to download.



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