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RCT2 Multiplayer megapark?


Would you like to help with this Mega Park?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Yes or no?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • Yes; and willing to keep a server running?
    • Yes; and do this in a group park style? (Switch every so often with the new save)

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I've been pondering about making a multiplayer mega park. But, I am unable to run servers, and I am not sure if there's anyone willing to help run a server.


How It Will Work: We'll start with a 100x100 park, it will slowly grow as time goes on (2 hours 100x100, 4 hours 105x105, ect...)

Two ways, either Run a server continuously or have a person work on it one at a time, finish, save, upload the new save, and the next person goes, and so forth.

I will either do a premade map (by me) or a flat 100x100 file.

I will need DEDICATED realism players: (Rules below)

Keep in mind, this is a work in progress, so if there's issues, let me know.


Regarding the poll that is set up: Yes = you are willing to help, No= you are not willing to help, Maybe = you may or may not join in

4th: You are willing to keep a server running

5th: Run this map in the Group Park style (being that, upload a save file as you work, and take turns)







Must upload at least 1 screen shot every time a new save is presented

A new save file must be uploaded

ONLY realistic builders will be kept

Same with realistic builds

Each ride MUST have theming, or (WIP) in it's name, otherwise, deletion will occur

Each coaster must have the creator's initials in the name (I.E Artemis (BEHD) or Artemis (BlazingEmpire).

You may not cheat extensively such as "Adding Guests, Removing Guests, More cash per guest, ect..."

Cheats you MAY use: Zero Clearance, Money, All of the cheats on the Roller coaster side and you MAY use "disable breakdowns"

Allowed: Removing Litter, Removing Vandalism, watering gardens, making guests not tired and happy,  and most cheats that will not alter the park in any way.

You may not GRIEF at all

If you are to remove a ride, speak with the creator first

Do not terraform above what would be used for landscaping your area

You may claim an area, but you must colour the land and put up a sign with your username

There are likely other rules to be added in the future.

This should be all there is to know,

but if I am missing something, or too vague, let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

Thanks! I hope we can do an altogether map!

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