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Hello OpenRCT!


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Hello guys! One of the biggest RCT1 fans here! (according to steam forum activity)I'm Ducth, 17 years young and I love tycoon/strategy games, while I don't like anything with fighting, so the amount of fun games I can play is very limited. Always hoped for a recreation of RCT1 in modern language with extra features and fun, and I think I've found two of them. This and FreeRCT (which is built completely from scratch).I have some (competetive) coding experience (participated at ioi2015.kz) in C++, but not with anything that has to do with graphics or mouse input. I hope I can help, but that would require some guidance (and my free time is limited due school).You can call me either J or jensj12, I listen to both, although I prefer 'J' in verdana font.

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[Ik bepaal zelf wel hoe ik je noem... :P]Anyway, welcome. Rune already pointed to the dev chat. There are plenty of bugs to work on, and we can always use extra developers, particularly now both the main devs (IntelOrca and Duncanspumpkin) are busy with other things and a lot less active. I'm the third developer in terms of commits, but I'm still busy getting anywhere near their level.

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