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openRCT2 idea

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so i thoght up of an idea for openRCT2 recently in which the RTC1 title music i added into openRCT2 i thought about imagine a option that clyces between first game and second game music and another one i just thought of the title screen selection and have a randomized version of that so it bassically combines both games plus openRCT2 TOGHTER

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It is indeed 'random' and 'random' means it picks one randomly each time, forgetting what it chose last time. The chance of RCT1 music being chosen is 50%, even it was already chosen the last 20 times (though the chance of that happening is only 1 out of 1 million). Keep that feature on for 50 more plays and report back if it still only plays the RCT1 title music (and check your settings to make sure you didn't make a mistake).

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