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  1. i have ported OpenRCT2 and its launcher to another pc using a USB and it gives me an Error MSVCP1.dll is missing from my pc How to fix any ideas on what is going on
  2. how do i work these key systems i wonder cause i never seen or heard of these
  3. what is a private key i never heard of one how do i generate a new one will that possibly help me?
  4. so i had open RCT2 before i factory reset my PC and my previous account still exists even though i factory reseted it is there a way to get my origional account back or delete it
  5. http://rct.wikia.com/wiki/Corkscrew_Follies/Added_Attractions http://rct.wikia.com/wiki/Loopy_Landscapes this should show you what they added
  6. actually nvm i thought they did not they do i just now realized the only thing from the dlc thats missing are the paths
  7. gotta agree yes alot of time wasted
  8. i think at least someone can atleast agree with me on just seeing the word ADDED ATTRACTIONS is an eyesore compared to Corkscrew Follies and i am part of the us ironically
  9. i have a mod which adds RCT1 maps http://www.mediafire.com/download/3cw47sd2wt3hues/ExactRCT1Recreations.zip this is the download site and when i install it into the RCT2 directory and one of the tabs added from the RCT1 scenario remake one says attractions added but in the United States its called Corkscrew Follies http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732181360 and RCT1 scenario its called Corkscrew Follies ive checked and ive made this cause id prefer to see the name Corkscrew Follies rather than an eyesore
  10. saw it i clicked on it it might be broken cause all i heard was RCT1 music 3 times
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