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OpenRCT2 Scenario Templates?

Yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Yes, add this feature
    • No, don't add this feature

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I have an idea. You know how painfully long it takes to make a decent scenario right? It takes forever. 

I have an idea on a feature that could be added to help with this. Scenario Templates would be the answer.

Say that you wanted to start with a desert template, you'd go into OpenRCT2, into the scenario editor, and find a template to match that description. I see it as a "scenario Template" is a premade custom scenario in the Scenario Editor save files, open the save, and add on from there. 

Doing this could greatly lessen the time to create a scenario, but also give in to more ideas. It could also bring more fanbase to those who are just tired of it taking so long. I would have 4-10 templates. Snow, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, ect ect ect. 

Then it could also be a help to have custom templates made by you and I, and everyone else. 


I hope I make sense. I also added a poll to see what the majority is for. Yes, have this feature, or no, do not.


Do you think it would be a cool feature?

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Yeah I know there is, but I am saying, using the same port may get old, and fast. If there were templates, or user created templates, it would give an easier option to it all. 


I've used my own saves to create multiple parks. From the same template would become tedious to remove all the work before all the new comes in. Having certain templates with different presets would help to fix it. With custom designed templates by all of you would give endless oppertunities. 


Creating a decent scenario just as is before all the rides takes me a good hour and a half. I would guarantee that this "feature" would reduce it some.

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