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RCT2 Windows 7 Theme DOWNLOAD!

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Just now, imlegos said:

I have a library containing all in-game sounds, I'm guessing you also used Trigger's Tools?

Yup. I have them all - they are incredibly useful.

Also (side question), do you know any modding tools similar to Trigger's for RCT3?

Any hacks, trainer, programs or anything?

I'm hoping to get it again (I've played it before) but I want to be able to play it and still have all (if not, most) of the options available in OpenRCT.

Any help?

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1 minute ago, imlegos said:

Also, maybe make it a slide show using screenshots of the parks that line up with the intro scene's videos instead of just a screenshot of the intro?

(Also, add more images and change it to a slide show :D)

Ah... okay.

I don't know how to do that though but I'm sure I could find out!

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1 minute ago, imlegos said:

Several trainer things were turned into special names in RCT3, (Unlimited height and Chainlift/brake speeds).

I don't know about any 'Zero-Clearence' However, most CS is made without collision.

I also set all the helpful cheat names up as a peep group in the Peep Editor.

Here's a list of cheats... http://rctgo.com/games/rct3-cheats

Yes that will help in most cases but I would also like to merge tracks and have any element as a lift (enables vertical lifts). 

Just now, imlegos said:

Change the option from picture to slideshow, then designate a folder with images.

Oh thanks! I'll do that when I get a chance.

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2 minutes ago, imlegos said:

I don't play RCT3 nearly as much as 2. And I've also never used any trainers.

Yes I play RCT2 more than 3 (I personally think that 2 is better) but I want to try and change that perspective by using 'hacks' to make the game better (like in OpenRCT).

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22 minutes ago, imlegos said:

I don't know about any 'Zero-Clearence' However, most CS is made without collision.

It was possible, there was a hidden option for it. You had to edit a file called options.txt somewhere in the game directory to enable it. I can't remember the specifics, it's a long time since I played RCT3. There isn't much need for hacks in RCT3 because the game engine is more flexible and so a lot can be done with custom content without relying on hacks, but this was one that's useful to have.

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