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No guests arrive in WW scenario “Africa—Oasis”

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I noticed something very strange: No guests arrive in the Wacky Worlds scenario “Africa—Oasis”. Even after I played for a year and reaching a park rating above 900, no new guests came.

Then I loaded the scenario in the scenario editor and noticed that there is no guest arrival point set on the map! When I set one in sandbox mode, guests start to arrive.


This is very strange, why is the guest arrival point missing in this scenario? Can anyone of you reproduce this or is it just me?


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Yes. Unsurprisingly, as long thre is no guest arrival point, no guests arrive. After I added it, guests start to arrive and the cheat logically works, too.


The real question is not why the guests don't arrive (that's obviously because there's no guest arrival point) but why this particular scenario does not have a guest arrival point in the first place. Without this, this mission is impossible to win. If anyone could try to check their own Oasis scenario for this in order to try to reproduce this, this would help a lot.


Of course I can fix this scenario for myself quite easily with my knowledge but this is still something which should never happen and it might be a bug.

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