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Hello, i have had problems in the past running openrct2 altogether, but now that the latest versions are finally not crashing on my computer, i have noticed a terrible problem; the guests are getting clustered worse than ever before, and can't go around simple corners or objects to get to the next event, or whatever event they are seeking. Not only does this make it difficult for me to create aesthetically pleasing and successful parks, but it also encourages other, younger players to make rediculous one-path wide parks with no open space, over-crowded with coasters. I have mentioned this problem in past posts, however it seems to be even worse now. I wonder, why not use the original "logic" from rct2 (which i guess you at openrct2.com would call "vanilla")? It seems to work well enough when i use my old rct2 cd. I've created several successful parks with 3-5 wide paths, and open spaces in original rct2, and the guests don't get lost, well maybe only a little bit lost, but definately not stuck...



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2 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

Well this is making the current version practically unplayable

We know that but nobody has been able to fix the problem. If you would like to have a go, feel free. The AI was pretty primitive in RCT2, though there are definitely cases where OpenRCT2 causes problems and vanilla doesn't. OpenRCT2 does fix the maps so peeps can choose destinations further away than they could in vanilla, and that makes them more likely to get lost. This might be the only cause of the problem, or there might have been a mistake made when implementing those functions.

1 hour ago, joshmarsilio said:

i sometimes suspect that you all are purposely sabotaging this game. 

Seriously? Nobody is sabotaging the game. It is still very much incomplete, they haven't even finished reverse-engineering the vanilla code yet. Until we have our own save format there are hard limits on what can be changed. A rework of peep AI will happen eventually but not right now.


1 hour ago, joshmarsilio said:

well you were quick to respond to my first message perhaps you've gone to sleep????

Not everyone is online all the time, it's very possible that Cascadia is asleep or has something else to do.

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5 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

Well this is making the current version practically unplayable, but i guess i can try to be patient. Why would such a critical feature be flawed?


I must say that you seem to sound a bit hostile in your tone, there are work-around in the peep AI and you have to think differently when making paths etc, if you think the AI is flawed, you're more than welcome to contribute code to correct that, you can find parts of it here.

It's just in fact to my knowledge the biggest file in the whole game and needs a complete re-work to make it better. We all know it's flawed and a problem, but we're not ready to tackle something that would take months and months to probably finish in a perfect flawless way, it's one of those things that needs more than 1 person to tackle

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The guest clustering is simply a result of guests being able to seek out rides that are farther away than they would have been in vanilla RCT2. Because of this, there is a greater chance of there not being a direct path to that ride from their current position. it works to think of the rides as magnets, and the peeps as iron fillings. OpenRCT2 has increased the power of the magnets, allowing them to affect iron fillings that are farther away. however, if there is not a direct enough path to the ride, the fillings will all gather up at the closest point possible to the magnet. For them to be able to reach the magnet past that, they would first have to go farther away from the magnet, then follow a different path to it.

I hope this analogy helps you.

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