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Blockbrake speed


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It would be super helpfull if we could change the speed a blockbrake will use independently like in RCT3. I know there are certain ways to "kinda" do it (have the blockbrake be a lift segment), but in some cases that just messes up other parts of a ride.

For example

I recreated a standard wild mouse here:



The block brakes have 14 km/h lift segments attached to them so the cars won't crawl at snail speed around the corners following, BUT this makes the regular lifthill be unrealisticly fast.


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Usually block brakes have a speed limit like normal brakes but in case the train has to be stopped, the train isn't sped up to that speed when the track is free. RCT2 nicely simulates the latter, but it would indeed be better with the former being added to it. Btw, thanks for the idea to put chainlifts on block brakes.

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Yes I know. I wasn't asking for blockbrakes speeding trains up to their set speed (like in rct3) . But it would be perfect if you could select the brakespeed like with regular brakes. ;)

The speed on blockbrakes in vanilla rct2 is locked to 6km/h.

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