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RCT1 vehicles


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No changes are required to OpenRCT2 to do this. Vehicles have always been stored in .DAT files; all that's required to make RCT1 rides work is for someone to transfer the RCT1 sprites to the RCT2 file format. I already did that for the RCT1 mini suspended coaster, and I know it's also been done for the RCT1 spinning coaster and possibly some other rides as well.

However, RCT1 uses 16 frame rotations and RCT2 uses 32 frame rotations. The solution I used was to simply double up the sprites, but be aware that the animation won't be as smooth as normal RCT2 rides. Also, the sprites are not in the same order within the file - I had to reorder them manually, though I'm sure if you were looking to port every ride you might be able to find some sort of pattern to it.

For the Junior coaster specifically, I would prefer to use a custom ride with the required sprites because RCT1 sprites look awful and out of place when used in RCT2, but I don't know if a custom junior coaster exists. Maybe I should make one (though my rides look pretty awful as well so that's probably not an improvement).

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